DJ Overcomer

Musical Artist

DJ Overcomer brings energy, amazing light shows, a wall of sound and a holy party to every stage he is on. Each set is live, crafted and uses electronic dance music, beats, trap, rock and hip-hop elements, to bringan amazing experience. He weaves his testimony and an evangelistic message about how, with Jesus Christ in your life, you are an overcomer and how God can turn all your scars into stars. Originally from San Angelo, Texas, DJ Overcomer began mixingin his teenage years. He went on to have a successful atheletic career playing basketball in Division 1 College. He married his Junior High School sweeteartbut it was all derailed by drug addiction. I 2007 he gave his heart to Christ and began rebuilding his life. He took the moniker of Overcomer to reflect his powerful testimony of healing in the name of Christ.